What Attendees Are Saying


"I've been on two retreats and it's now officially my annual treat to myself. We went on beautiful hikes, did cardio sessions, yoga, mindfulness activities, and plenty of team bonding. The nutrition sessions are equally as important  and so good!  I learned new things... a lot of knowledge and tips that  have changed my game.  We learn a lot and get a lot of value from the weekend."

-Laura N., 28


"The retreat was fabulous!! It exceeded my expectations with fun, bonding, and learning new information. We began our journey with a wonderful grab bag with many useful items- hat, water bottle, tank top, protein water/bars, and much more. The activities were well planned out and very enjoyable and each meal/snack was carefully considered and discussed. Exercise and nutrition was a focus with a nice balance of relaxing and enjoying life. I look forward to taking another adventure with Hillary on future fitness retreats."

-Darla M., 43


"Hillary did an excellent job of choosing great accommodations and organizing a weekend full of activities. There was focus on exercise as well as nutrition. It was fun! I made new friends and got to know people better. I feel like I have a common bond with all the women. I would recommend attending. I had no idea what to expect. I had an open mind and I left with a heart full of great memories."

-Linda M., 58


"Attended the Santa Barbara Retreat; What I experienced was a first-rate, professional fitness seminar conducted in a upscale, modern beach house located steps from the shore; complete with exercise including hiking and intense workouts on beach sand, evidence-based, fitness focused nutrition classes, lean and tasty meals, healthy snacks, swag bag jammed with usable fitness products, games, prizes, "pamper" time fun, and  "sisterhood" support. As a mind, body, and spirit healing, clinical practitioner, I am happy to report Hilary is a dedicated and top-notch trainer. The weekend's activities were well-planned, and conducted in an organized and timely, yet lighthearted approach which brought comfort and unity to a group of women previously mostly unacquainted with one another. I look forward to attending another Hi-C Fitness Retreat!"

-Laurie L., 55


"A friend told me how wonderful Hi-C Fitness Retreats were, yet I was still a little nervous to go on this retreat where I didn’t know anyone. I just knew I needed a way to reconnect with food, exercise, and get motivated. This retreat was one of the best things I’ve ever done. The women here were so sweet and so much fun, we became fast friends. We learned how to make healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner and enjoyed hiking, yoga, guest speakers, and discussions on food topics. I don’t know how Hillary does it all! She is so positive and full of information, she inspires us all to keep moving and making healthy choices. Thank you Hillary, I’ll definitely be back!"

-Suzie M., 38


"I was super hesitant to attend a Hi-C Fitness Retreat, but I am so grateful I did not let fear hold me back. This retreat was just what I needed to jump start my health and fitness goals. Hillary thought of every detail and never once did I feel uncomfortable. No matter what fitness level or goal you may have, this retreat is for you! Every workout was doable and modifications were offered if you needed a harder or easier workout. I am the pickiest eater and a total fast food junkie, but the food on the retreat was DELICIOUS! I did not expect Hillary to go beyond just food and workouts but she truly takes a 360 holistic approach so I really appreciated the goal setting, mindfulness and self-care pamper sessions. I left the retreat with a game plan and new friends. I can't wait to attend Hillary's next retreat!"

-Angie G., 35